Heroes of the 21st Century

About “Heroes…”

I created Heroes of the 21st Century to achieve two complementary goals:

  • Tell engaging stories about the people around the world who devote their skill and passion to tackling climate change and related sustainability issues. They are the Heroes of which I speak.
  • Use those stories to give my audience HOPE. To inspire them to ACTION. To encourage them to bring their own fantastic energies & talents to bear in this great struggle.

My flagship series is the webcomic “Tales from the Fight Against Climate Change,” in which the mysterious organization known as *CATALYST* works from behind the scenes to help those Heroes.

The stories are fictional, but they will always be inspired by real world people & events. This is why each episode of “Tales…” gets paired with “Behind the Episode” info & links. 

My intent: Spark the readers’ interest with the webcomic stories, and then offer them a few stepping stones that they can follow to learn more on that topic.

I come to this effort after more than 25 years of helping scientists, environmental leaders, policymakers and other experts communicate their work to the world. That journey has included time spent at the U.S. EPA, National Public Radio affiliate stations, Yale University, and the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science.

Heroes of the 21st Century was inspired by all of those wonderful experiences, and is dedicated to all of the experts I’ve met along the way. 

I hope you enjoy their stories!

– James

The 1938 Royal KHT typewriter on which the “Heroes…” logos & titles are created, and on which each of the webcomic episodes gets its start. A fantastic machine!
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