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Behind the Episode: Sending Some Video Game Mojo to the Delegates at COP15

Delegates to the COP15 Biodiversity conference have convened in December 2022 to (hopefully) take action on global measures to protect earth’s biodiversity.  Success requires that enough delegates truly feel the urgency of the situation, and act accordingly.
In thinking about this challenge, I remembered reading about research that suggests that video games have the power to help make the abstract ideas of climate change feel more real to people.

Seemed natural to put these two ideas together!

For more info on COP15: 

Official site: https://www.cbd.int/

The Guardian’s coverage: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/cop15

The video games cited in the webcomic:

“Endling,” from Herobeat Studios and Handy Games:https://handy-games.com/en/games/endling/

“Beyond Blue” from E-Line Media: https://www.beyondbluegame.com/

See also: 

Playing 4 The Planet: https://playing4theplanet.org/  

International Game Developers Association: https://igda.org/sigs/climate/
One of the research studies regarding gaming & climate change:


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