Heroes of the 21st Century

Getting Green Chemistry into the Classrooms

Behind the Episode: Getting Green Chemistry into the Classroom

Green chemistry holds incredible potential to help transition all corners of the global economy toward a more sustainable path. But that potential can only be fully realized if this exciting discipline is woven into science curricula at all levels.  Much has been done to achieve this, but much work remains.

Beyond Benign is an organization that’s long been at the forefront of this effort.  They offer resources for all education levels:  https://www.beyondbenign.org/

Other Green Chemistry links:

Center for Green Chemistry & Green Education at Yale: https://greenchemistry.yale.edu/

ACS Green Chemistry Institute: https://www.acs.org/content/acs/en/greenchemistry.html

Our “Heroes…” interview with Dr. Paul Anastas, a founder of the discipline:  https://youtu.be/blTWgRsiYdA

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